Hopkinsville goblins

Ep 150: Jim Perry of the Euphomet Podcast


“We are in search of the other side... the thing under your bed... that signal of unknown origin... and the true stories behind the strange phenomena that are outside the sphere of popular consciousness.”

Jim Perry



Podcasters share a special bond, and this is especially true of those engaged with the pursuit of covering stories about the paranormal and unimaginable phenomena. It is perhaps because we know our pursuit of the truth behind these ineffable events will take us beyond the fringes of belief and acceptance. It leaves us and our subjects vulnerable. But those that manage to tell these stories well have also managed to capture and relay the vulnerability and humanity and behind them. Because without it, there is little context to our own lives and therefore little empathy or meaning, and they may well remain as nothing but improbable tales. One such storyteller is tonight’s guest, Jim Perry. Jim and his critically acclaimed audio documentary podcast Euphomet, have explored the strange and our relationship to it. The result is an intimate and fascinating look at how these encounters affect us on a personal level. Tonight we talk with Jim about the stories and his own experiences that have shaped his perspective and his show.


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